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Who is Tommy Gooding? Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Education, Career, Net Worth And More


Tommy Gooding is a flexible performer and chief, most popular as the sibling of the acclaimed entertainer Cuba Gooding Jr. what’s more, the child of the famous soul artist Cuba Gooding Sr. Experiencing childhood in a family saturated with creative ability, Tommy found his affection for music from the get-go and sought after proper examinations at Five Towns School in New York.

All through his vocation, Tommy has separated himself as a capable bassist and melodic chief. He has worked together with outstanding groups like Round Time, GQ, and JJ Sansavarino, exhibiting his melodic ability. In 2019, he wedded Seydurah Avecmoi, adding an individual achievement to his accomplishments.

Tommy’s family is wealthy in ability, with kin Cuba, April, and Omar Gooding, and their mom, Shirley Gooding. His sibling Cuba Gooding Jr. is commended for his Oscar-winning execution in “Jerry Maguire.” With his noteworthy vocation and famous family foundation, Tommy Gooding has solidly settled his own standing in media outlets.

Who is Tommy Gooding?

Tommy Gooding is an energetic performer with a profound love for music. He’s like a superhuman in the music world, skillfully playing the low pitch guitar and directing groups to make wonderful music together, similar as a train guide guarantees the smooth running of trains. Tommy improved his melodic abilities at Five Towns School, a school committed to human expression.

Tommy comes from a strikingly imaginative family. His dad, Cuba Gooding Sr., was a notable vocalist, and his sibling, Cuba Gooding Jr., is a well known entertainer perceived for his parts in motion pictures. Tommy wedded Seydurah Avecmoi, and it’s not difficult to envision them sharing their affection for music together.

All through his vocation, Tommy has played with different groups, adding to the music that gives pleasure and gets individuals moving. His process shows that with enthusiasm and devotion, you can succeed in what you love, very much like Tommy has finished with his music.


Tommy Gooding experienced childhood in a family where music and acting were a major piece of regular day to day existence. His father was a gifted vocalist, and one of his siblings turned into a popular celebrity. At the point when Tommy was only a tad kid, he experienced passionate feelings for music. He adored paying attention to tunes and evaluating various instruments. Envision music being your dearest companion from an exceptionally youthful age!

As he aged, Tommy needed to learn significantly more about music. In this way, he went to an exceptional school called Five Towns School in New York. It resembles how you go to class to find out about subjects like math and science, yet Tommy’s school centered completely around music! There, he turned into a fantastic bass guitarist and figured out how to assist groups with playing together perfectly. It resembles when you learn something invigorating at school and can hardly hold on to impart it to everybody. That is the means by which Tommy had an outlook on his melodic excursion at Five Towns School.


Full NameTommy Gooding
BirthdateJune 3, 1980
BirthplaceUnited States
ParentsCuba Gooding Sr. (father), Shirley Gooding (mother)
SpouseSeydurah Avecmoi
SiblingsCuba Gooding Jr., April Gooding, Omar Gooding
EducationFive Towns College, New York
OccupationMusician, Director
InstrumentsBass Guitar
Notable WorkCollaborations with Circular Time, GQ, JJ Sansavarino
Achievements– Proficient bassist and musical director – Marriage to Seydurah Avecmoi in 2019 – Collaboration with renowned bands – Influence of family background on career
Social MediaActive on social media platforms, sharing updates about music, personal life, and adventures

Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Tommy Gooding is an adult, a lot taller and more established than your instructors at school. At the point when we measure how tall somebody is, we use feet and inches, like involving a ruler in class. Tommy is taller than a great many people you know, yet we don’t know precisely how tall. He weighs probably as much as a major canine — the perfect load for his level. Consider somebody like your father or a tall uncle, and that is the thing Tommy is like.

Tommy has celebrated a greater number of birthday celebrations than the quantity of years you’ve been in school, meaning he’s had loads of opportunities to victory candles on his cakes! His hair and eyes have a sort, shrewd look, similar to the characters in your number one stories who have heaps of undertakings to share. Tommy closely resembles somebody who loves making music and being in front of an audience, consistently with a major grin that shows how cheerful he is living life to the fullest. Envision a cordial goliath who can play a wide range of tomfoolery tunes on his bass, and you’ll have an image of Tommy Gooding!

Personal life

Brought into the world on June 3, 1980, in the US to Cuba Gooding Sr. what’s more, Shirley Gooding, Tommy Gooding has cut out a remarkable presence in the music business. He’s joyfully hitched to Seydurah Avecmoi, and in spite of their bustling professions, they share major areas of strength for an and common help. While they haven’t invited any youngsters yet, their relationship is based on a groundwork of affection and commitment. Tommy’s excursion as a performer has been essentially impacted by his family foundation and individual encounters, forming him into the craftsman he is today.


Tommy Gooding and Seydurah Avecmoi are cheerfully hitched, and in spite of the rushing about of their expert lives, they focus on keeping major areas of strength for a strong relationship. In spite of the fact that they haven’t extended their family with kids yet, their bond is established in a profound association and immovable responsibility. Their relationship fills in as an undaunted underpinning of adoration and friendship, promising a long period of shared undertakings and loved minutes together.


Tommy Gooding loves music such a lot of that he transformed it into his vocation. Suppose you could play with your most loved toys and get compensated with snacks for it — that is the means by which Tommy feels about music. He plays the low register guitar, which gives the profound, cadenced sounds in melodies that make you need to move. Other than being a skilled performer, Tommy is likewise the pioneer when groups perform, like a chief guiding a privateer transport, guaranteeing everybody plays together agreeably. He improved his abilities at a unique music school and afterward exhibited his ability to the world by making music that sounds astonishing. Tommy has played with different music gatherings, assisting them with arriving at their maximum capacity, similar as being essential for a games group where the objective is to make unimaginable music. His job is fundamental, guaranteeing that each musician adds to a brought together sound, and his initiative assists the gathering with sparkling. Similarly as you have a good time playing with your companions, Tommy tracks down happiness in making music with his groups, making lovely tunes and significant exhibitions. His devotion and energy for music are obvious in each note he plays, making him a champion figure in the music world.

Net Worth

Tommy Gooding resembles a fortune tracker in the realm of music, with his fortune being every one of the astonishing things he’s refined and the cash he’s procured by living life to the fullest. Envision you have a stash where you save coins and bills from finishing errands. Tommy has something almost identical, yet it’s loaded up with the prizes he’s procured from playing music and driving groups. We probably won’t know precisely the amount of Tommy possesses in his melodic stash, however we really do know he’s been extremely occupied with making music that many individuals appreciate.

Very much like you could get a gold star at school for being perfect at something, Tommy has gotten bunches of acknowledgment for his music. He’s assisted groups with sounding their best and has even worked with his father’s band, which is nothing to joke about! While we can’t see a rack of prizes like you could have for sports or spelling honey bees, Tommy’s accomplishments resemble imperceptible prizes that show how capable he is at making music and uniting individuals with his tunes.


In 2019, Tommy Gooding pursued an extraordinary choice — to impart his life to somebody unquestionably unique. It was a piece like when you share your #1 toy with your closest companion since they make recess two times as tomfoolery. Tommy wedded Seydurah Avecmoi. Simply picture a terrific party where commitments of long lasting fellowship and love are traded, similar as the fantasies where rulers and princesses have luxurious festivals, and everybody is overflowing with joy. For Tommy and Seydurah, this was only the start of their captivating excursion together.

Seydurah turned into Tommy’s better half, immediately turning into a fundamental piece of his family, similar as how your mother and father are the center of your loved ones. Past partaking in music together, they presently share all the delights and difficulties of life, supporting each other through various challenges, very much like awesome of partners on and off the field. Their association is something other than a commitment — it’s a commitment of steadfast friendship and resolute help, guaranteeing that they’ll explore life’s experiences inseparably, sharing incalculable loved minutes en route.

Social Media

Tommy Gooding loves to share his music and life on the web, similar as how you could show your companions your most loved toys or drawings. Rather than utilizing a jungle gym, he utilizes virtual entertainment stages. Consider online entertainment an otherworldly book where you can post pictures and recordings so that every one of your loved ones might be able to see, regardless of the distance away they are.

Tommy shares refreshes about the cool music he’s chipping away at, fun minutes with his significant other Seydurah, and experiences with his loved ones. It’s like he’s facilitating a major web based gathering where everybody can partake in his music and offer in the delight. In the event that you’re interested about what a performer’s day resembles or need to see a few fun recordings, Tommy’s web-based entertainment offers a brief look into his universe of tunes and grins.


  • Family Background: Tommy Gooding is the brother of the renowned actor Cuba Gooding Jr. and the son of the iconic soul singer Cuba Gooding Sr.
  • Early Passion for Music: Growing up in a family deeply rooted in artistic talent, Tommy developed a love for music at a young age.
  • Musical Education: He pursued formal studies at Five Towns College in New York, where he honed his musical skills.
  • Versatile Musician: Tommy is proficient in playing the bass guitar and has established himself as a skilled musical director.
  • Collaborations: Throughout his career, he has collaborated with notable bands such as Circular Time, GQ, and JJ Sansavarino.
  • Personal Life: In 2019, Tommy married Seydurah Avecmoi, adding a personal milestone to his achievements.
  • Family Influence: His family, including siblings Cuba, April, and Omar Gooding, and his mother Shirley Gooding, has played a significant role in shaping his career.
  • Recognition: Tommy’s brother, Cuba Gooding Jr., is celebrated for his Oscar-winning performance in “Jerry Maguire,” adding to the family’s legacy in the entertainment industry.


Is Tommy Gooding related to Cuba Gooding Jr.? 

    Yes, Tommy Gooding is the brother of the acclaimed actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

    What is Tommy Gooding’s profession? 

      Tommy Gooding is a musician and director, known for his expertise in playing the bass guitar and leading musical groups.

      Who is Tommy Gooding married to? 

        Tommy Gooding is married to Seydurah Avecmoi.

        What bands has Tommy Gooding collaborated with? 

          Tommy Gooding has collaborated with bands such as Circular Time, GQ, and JJ Sansavarino.

          What is Tommy Gooding’s educational background? 

            Tommy Gooding studied music at Five Towns College in New York, where he refined his musical talents.


            Tommy Gooding is a versatile musician and director, known for his familial connections to the entertainment industry and his own accomplishments therein. With a passion for music instilled from an early age and formal training at Five Towns College, he has emerged as a skilled bassist and musical director. His collaborations with various bands and his marriage to Seydurah Avecmoi highlight his personal and professional journey.

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