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Jaya Kelly, will we? At only 23 years of age, Jaya has previously made a name for herself as an American vocalist. Be that as it may, there’s more going on than just music.

Jaya’s specialty isn’t simply her ability – she’s likewise known for being the little girl of the notorious R&B vocalist, R. Kelly. It’s a heritage that is both a gift and a weight, however Jaya’s not one to avoid difficulties.

In 2014, Jaya made a fearless and public declaration that shook the world – she revealed that she distinguishes as a transsexual male. It was an essential second in her excursion, one that started discussions and shed light on the encounters of transsexual people.

Thus, in this article, we’re digging profound into Jaya’s life, from her own minutes to her brave choice to embrace her actual self. Remain tuned as we uncover reality behind her excursion and encounters, on the grounds that with Jaya, there’s in every case more going on than might be immediately obvious.

Jaya Kelly net worth 

Jaya Kelly isn’t simply your regular person; he’s a multi-capable American vocalist, rapper, and, surprisingly, somewhat of a business visionary. With that multitude of abilities added to his repertoire, it’s no big surprise he’s causing disturbances in media outlets.

What’s more, hello, we should discuss the green stuff as well. With an expected total assets of around $300,000, Jaya’s not precisely battling to earn barely enough to get by. He’s cutting out his own way to progress, each hit melody in turn, and who can say for sure? With that sort of ability and assurance, he may very well be perched on a fortune later on.

Who is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly is causing disturbances as a rising star in the music scene, however his excursion to notoriety goes past his gifts. As the center offspring of R. Kelly, the famous vocalist, lyricist, and maker, and Andrea Lee, a capable choreographer, artist, and entertainer, Jaya was for all intents and purposes naturally introduced to the spotlight. In any case, what separates him is his fortitude to be genuine. His transparency about his orientation, personality and sexuality has caught headlines, showing that his effect reaches out a long way past the stage. It’s not just about the music; Jaya is utilizing his foundation to ignite significant discussions and move others to embrace their actual selves.

Jaya Kelly Bio 

The renowned youngster was brought up in bright Los Angeles, California, squarely in the core of old fashioned USA. He’s gladly American, with attachments following back to Africa. You can more deeply study him by looking at this


Full nameJaya Kelly
NicknamesJaah Baby, Jay
Date of birthNovember 26, 2000
Age23 years old (as of 2024)
Zodiac signSagittarius
Place of birthUnited States of America
Current residenceUnited States of America
Height (in inches)5’8”
Height (in cm)172
Weight (in lbs)139
Weight (in kg)63
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark brown
FatherRobert Sylvester Kelly
MotherAndrea Lee
SiblingsJoann Kelly, Robert Kelly Jr.
Relationship statusSingle
Net worth$300,000–$500,000

Jaya Kelly Education 

Jaya Kelly appeared on the scene in 2000, naturally introduced to the clamoring family of the prestigious R&B star, R. Kelly, and Andrea Kelly. Music appeared to be in Jaya’s blood all along, as even as a small child, they showed a strong fascination with it. After such an extremely long time of experiencing childhood at the center of attention and sharpening their enthusiasm, Jaya ultimately moved on from a nearby secondary school in the area. It’s astonishing to perceive how their excursion from a music-cherishing youngster to a secondary school graduate has unfurled, and who can say for sure what’s in store for this youthful ability!

Jaya Kelly Height and Age

The American celebrity child is 5 feet 8 inches or 172 centimetres tall. He weighs approximately 139 pounds or 63 kilograms.

Jaya Kelly Personal life 

Jaya as of late made an extremely private declaration, revealing that he distinguishes as a transsexual man. Naturally, this news has ignited a great deal of theory and bits of hearsay about his heartfelt life.

Notwithstanding all the buzz, Jaya has decided to stay quiet about his heartfelt history and connections. Whether he’s flying solo right now or discreetly seeing somebody extraordinary, he’s keeping mum about everything.

Concerning his inclinations in connections, Jaya hasn’t unveiled any announcements yet. Whether he’s into men, ladies, or in the middle between, he’s keeping that piece of his life hidden until further notice. Everything really revolves around regarding his excursion and giving him the space to share what he’s OK with, at whatever point he’s prepared

Jaya Kelly career 

Jaya, like his sister, is creating his own way in the music world, following in their father’s footsteps. His musical adventure began in high school, and we’re interested to watch how it unfolds over time. Jaya, R. Kelly’s 13-year-old child, rose to stardom under the stage name Jaah Baby. His debut song, “Reservoir,” was published in 2014, launching what we hope will be a great career. While he has recorded several songs, Jaya has decided to keep his music under the radar, away from the spotlight of the media.

 You won’t hear his melodies blasting from every radio station, but if you’re interested, you can catch his recordings on SoundCloud,

Jay Kelly Boyfriend, Girlfriend,

With regards to Jay Kelly’s own life, it’s like attempting to decipher a code – there’s simply not much out there. The web’s mum on whether he has an extraordinary somebody or what his relationship status may be. Furthermore, guess what? That is absolutely OK. Jay’s staying quiet about his affection life, and that is his privilege.

Considering that Jay’s a transsexual male, it includes one more layer of intricacy with everything else. He hasn’t let the cat out of the bag on whether his future accomplice will be a gentleman or a lady, leaving all of us speculating.

Jaya Kelly: Early Life and Family Background:

Jaya Kelly’s initial years resembled a tornado venture through the stunning yet frequently turbulent universe of distinction. Brought into the world in 2000 in the lively city of Los Angeles, California, Jaya wound up right in the center of a family loaded up with ability and notoriety. Her father? In all honesty, the unbelievable R&B sensation, R. Kelly, and her mother, the inconceivably capable artist Andrea Lee.

Experiencing childhood in such a high-profile family accompanied its own arrangement of difficulties. While the fabulousness and charm of media outlets encompassed them, there were likewise the confidential battles that the Kelly family looked in secret. Jaya was in good company to explore this notoriety powered childhood; she imparted her experience growing up to a more established sister, Joann, and a more youthful sibling, Robert Jr.

Their relational intricacies were without a doubt impacted by their dad’s monstrous achievement. R. Kelly, a Grammy-winning craftsman, overwhelmed the music scene during the ’90s and stays one of the most incredible selling performers around the world. Furthermore, we should not disregard Jaya’s mother, Andrea Lee, who went from being a reinforcement artist for R. Kelly to transform TV and motion pictures.

However, in the midst of the marvelousness and glitz, Jaya’s experience growing up wasn’t all going great. Experiencing childhood at the center of attention implied continually being under the full concentration of the eyes of the general population, which accompanied its reasonable portion of tensions and difficulties. As Jaya made her mark and started forming her personality, the heaviness of assumptions and suspicions just became heavier. In any case, through everything, she’s cutting her own way, exploring the intricacies of distinction with elegance and versatility.


  1. Birth: Jaya Kelly was born on November 26, 2000, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, USA.
  2. Parentage: Jaya is the child of R. Kelly, the renowned R&B singer, and Andrea Lee, a talented dancer and actress.
  3. Transgender Identity: In 2014, at the age of 13, Jaya publicly announced that he identifies as a transgender male.
  4. Career: Jaya is a multifaceted artist, excelling as a singer, rapper, and entrepreneur. He made his musical debut at a young age under the stage name Jaah Baby with the release of his debut single “Reservoir” in 2014.
  5. Net Worth: With an estimated net worth ranging from $300,000 to $500,000, Jaya is carving out his own path to success in the entertainment industry.
  6. Family: Jaya grew up alongside his older sister, Joann Kelly, and younger brother, Robert Kelly Jr., in a family marked by both fame and personal struggles.
  7. Personal Life: Jaya prefers to keep his romantic life private, and his current relationship status is unknown. He spends quality time with his mother and sister, cherishing moments away from the spotlight.


Jaya Kelly, the son of R&B icon R. Kelly and dancer Andrea Lee, has captured attention not only for his musical talents but also for his bravery in publicly embracing his transgender identity. From his early years in Los Angeles to his journey in the music industry, Jaya navigates the complexities of fame while staying true to himself. With his net worth growing and his career flourishing, Jaya’s story serves as an inspiration for authenticity and resilience.


When was Jaya Kelly born?

  1. Jaya Kelly was born on November 26, 2000.

What is Jaya Kelly’s net worth?

  1. Jaya Kelly’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $500,000.

Who are Jaya Kelly’s parents?

  1. Jaya Kelly’s parents are R. Kelly, the famous R&B singer, and Andrea Lee, a talented dancer and actress.

What is Jaya Kelly’s profession?

  1. Jaya Kelly is a singer, rapper, and entrepreneur, making waves in the music industry with his talents.

What is Jaya Kelly’s gender identity?

  1. Jaya Kelly publicly identifies as a transgender male, having made the announcement in 2014 at the age of 13.

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