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Behind the Numbers: Understanding the Wealth of $uicideboy$

how much is $uicideboy$ worth?

$uicideboy$ have amassed a huge following via web-based entertainment since their development in 2014. The gathering made its beginning on the web, delivering underground EPs and mixtapes to different stages, most outstandingly SoundCloud. Their music is generally not the same as standard rappers and has been arranged as troublemaker rap or trap metal. Despite the fact that they acquired their finishing SoundCloud the stage and achieved a huge number of streams through the stage, their abundance isn’t a consequence of installments from SoundCloud.

The rap couple has made critical progress on the YouTube scene throughout the span of their vocation. $uicideboy$ have amassed 3.68 million endorsers since their origin and have a stunning 2.4 billion perspectives complete. Their most outstanding recordings, “… And To Those I Love, Gratitude For Keeping close by” and “PARIS,” have 84 million and 152 million perspectives, separately. Because of their underground rap scene childhood in the music business, a lot of their music was at one point just accessible on administrations like YouTube, which has prompted a proceeded with development in sees. 

The pair has likewise acquired a strong following via virtual entertainment. The $uicideboy$ primary Instagram account has 2.7 million devotees and is used for brand bargains as well as to keep fans informed about new music or event dates. The two individuals likewise have individual records with a consolidated 2.7 million supporters. They have likewise accessed more standard music stages because of their effective underground profession. On Spotify, the gathering gathers 10 million month to month audience members, and their main three melodies have almost 1 billion listens aggregately.

Their 2019 EP discharge highlighted well known star Travis Barker and renowned Korn guitarist James Shaffer. The 6-track project was named Live Quick, Bite the dust At whatever point, and was a huge hit for the couple.

$uicideboy$ Introduction

$uicideboy$, on the other hand alluded to as suicideboys, addresses the powerful couple of Ruby the Cherry and Scrim, two cousins hailing from New Orleans. Ascending from the profundities of the underground rap scene, $uicideboy$ have cut out a specialty for them and are ready for a prosperous music profession that makes it clear that things are not pulling back.

Past their melodic undertakings, the couple has wandered into the domain of business by laying out their own music mark, G59 Records. This strong move grandstands their pioneering soul as well as mirrors their obligation to developing ability and leaving an enduring effect on the music business. With their imaginative methodology and unquestionable ability, $uicideboy$ keep on spellbinding crowds and harden their situation as pioneers in the rap scene.

$uicideboy$ Ruby the Cherry

The $uicideboy$ stand out as a dynamic American hip hop duo originating from the vibrant city of New Orleans. Comprising the two talented cousins Ruby Da Cherry and $lick Sloth, better known as $crim, they’ve been a formidable force in the music scene since they joined forces back in 2014, quickly garnering a loyal fan base.

Since their commencement, the couple has been on a productive excursion, producing a noteworthy cluster of more than 40 tasks, going from EPs to mixtapes. One of their striking accomplishments came in 2016 when their EP “Revolutionary $uicide” caused disturbances by moving to number 17 on the Board Top R&B/Hip-Jump Collection diagrams, hardening their presence in the business.

What is Ruby Da Cherry’s net worth

Meet Aristos Petrou, better known by his stage name Ruby Da Cherry, the creative force behind Suicide Boys and one of the richest members of the duo with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Fans affectionately refer to him as $uicide Leopard, a moniker that reflects his unique and bold persona.

Beyond his musical prowess, Ruby Da Cherry boasts a significant presence on social media, with a whopping 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone. As one of the founding members of Suicide Boys, alongside his cousin Scrim, Ruby has played an integral role in shaping the duo’s signature sound and style, captivating audiences worldwide with their distinctive blend of rap and hip-hop.

What is Scrim Rapper’s net worth?

Meet Scrim, a skilled individual from Self destruction Young men whose one of a kind commitments have helped shape the pair’s particular sound and style. With a total assets of $1 million, Scrim has had a massive effect in the realm of music close by his cousin and bandmate, Ruby Da Cherry. Known for their dim and contemplative rap music, Self destruction Young men tackle weighty subjects like self destruction and demise, digging into the intricacies of human involvement in crude trustworthiness and feeling. Through their music, Scrim and Ruby Da Cherry have collected a devoted fanbase attracted to their proud methodology and provocative lyricism.

Notwithstanding the difficult topic they investigate, Self destruction Young men’s music fills in as a type of therapy for both the craftsmen and their audience members, giving a stage to self-articulation and reflection on life’s battles. As trailblazers of the dull rap class, Scrim and Ruby Da Cherry keep on pushing limits and charm crowds with their strong narrating and irresistible beats.

$uicideboy$ estimated earnings by months

MonthEarnings (USD)
April 2022$ 32.0K
May 2022$ 35.5K
June 2022$ 45.2K
July 2022$ 57.4K
August 2022$ 66.2K
September 2022$ 44.2K
October 2022$ 72.2K
November 2022$ 79.4K
December 2022$ 88.6K
January 2023$ 69.3K
February 2023$ 76.9K
March 2023$ 74.8K
April 2023$ 61.8K
May 2023$ 73.0K
June 2023$ 57.9K
July 2023$ 56.3K
October 2023$ 31.0K
November 2023$ 64.3K
December 2023$ 64.7K
January 2024$ 34.3K
February 2024$ 71.2K
March 2024$ 74.3K

$uicideboy$ Education

Arceneaux sought after his schooling at Delgado Junior college, a notable junior college settled in the core of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was during his young years that he uncovered his firmly established love for music, digging into the fine art with zeal. He burned through no time in displaying his ability, arrival DJ gigs at different school occasions and works, making way for his future undertakings in the music business.

$uicideboy$ formation

Collapse Christ’s basic second showed up in 2014 when he got attempts together with his cousin, Aristos Petrou, known as Ruby Da Cherry, to move toward the music couple $uicideboy$. Scott Arceneaux Jr, by and large called Collapse Christ, expected a fundamental part in conveying tracks like “End everything Section 1” and “The Collapse Insight” close by Aristos. Their cooperation relaxed to working with underground rap heavyweights like Bones and Faint Smurf, accomplishing the production of the mixtape “Faint/Faint.” This undertaking, got together with the presence of various mixtapes and singles, pushed their occupation forward, particularly just subsequent to collaborating with another capable master, Pouya, which essentially helped their course. 

Thusly, they inked an arrangement with G59 Records, inciting the presence of the 21-portion series “Kill Your$elf.” This affiliation opened entryways for their music to contact a more noteworthy gathering, spreading out the groundwork for their future achievement. In 2015, $uicideboy$ went on with their power by dropping several EPs, including “Faint Collapse” with Faint Smurf, “My Liver Will Oversee What My Heart Can’t,” “Weak Sheep,” and “G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.” These transports showed their adaptability and progress, further setting what is happening in the rap scene. By 2016, $uicideboy$ had gotten positive progress in the rap business, performing at various overall events and establishing their status as rising stars. Their 29th EP, “Progressive $uicide,” further incited them into the spotlight. In 2018, $uicideboy$ experienced a forward jump with the appearance of tracks like “FUCKALLOFYOU2K18” and “You’re As of now Looking at 66.6 FM with DJ Ecstasy,” the keep going choice appearing on XXL. The stunning response, with in excess of a million plays in the range of seven days of conveyance, featured their creating popularity.

Projects like “Radical $uicide,” “Ageless Faint,” and “Dull Sheep 2” also gained enormous headway, gathering in excess of a million plays on SoundCloud. These accomplishments established $uicideboy$’s circumstance as strong figures in the rap news source, clearing a path for substantially more important achievements later on. Notwithstanding stories flowing that the couple considered tapping out in view of Implosion Christ’s fights with illegal medication use, those cases were finally undermined. All through their journey, which has seen them release in excess of 30 melodic endeavors, including EPs, mixtapes, and singles, Arceneaux plays had a fundamental effect in changing $uicideboy$ from a humble parking space band into a renowned master rap bundle. His responsibilities have been extremely valuable in shaping their sound and solidifying their situation in the music business.

$uicideboy$ Career

Back in 2014, Self destruction Young men burst onto the scene with their presentation project, “Eliminate Yourself Part I: The $uicide $aga,” dropping it on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. It was a crude and strong prologue to their style, quickly getting the notice of audience members all over the place. Not long after, they combined efforts with individual underground rapper Dark Smurf, and together they released their most memorable full undertaking, “Dim/Dim,” on Walk 3, 2015. This coordinated effort further set their presence in the rap scene.

However, they didn’t stop there. Collaborating with South Florida-based rapper Pouya, they dropped the EP “$outh $ide $uicide” in 2015, which turned into a moment hit. The track gathered a staggering 75 million plays on SoundCloud alone by October 2018, displaying the couple’s unquestionable ability and developing fanbase. Quick forward to September 7, 2018, and Self destruction Young men took a fantastic action by delivering their most memorable studio collection, “I Need to Pass on in New Orleans.” It was a tremendous accomplishment in their calling, meaning their turn of events and improvement as specialists.

One of their champion minutes accompanied the arrival of the music video for “Paris,” which has turned into their most seen video to date, catching the quintessence of their special style and reverberating profoundly with crowds around the world. Past their aggregate work in Self destruction Young men, both $crim and Ruby da Cherry have wandered into solo activities, displaying their singular masterfulness and flexibility. They’ve likewise worked together with different craftsmen independently, further extending their effect and impact in the music business.

$uicideBoy$ “Carrollton” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Source YouTube

Cult New Orleans rap duo $uicideBoy$ just released their debut album (and 43rd project) ‘I Want to Die in New Orleans.’ Originally teased in late 2017, the record was preceded by the single “Carrollton,” a hometown ode produced under $crim’s Budd Dwyer alias and featuring a sample of “Freaky,” one of their collaborations with Juicy J.

$uicideboy$ Social media life Read more 

Regardless of confronting critical difficulties and misfortunes, Self destruction Christ, otherwise called Scott Arceneaux Jr., has collected a devoted fan base across different virtual entertainment stages. With over 1.3 million devotees on Instagram, 342,000 supporters on Twitter, and a YouTube channel flaunting multiple million endorsers, Self destruction Christ and his band have developed a significant internet based presence. Also, their Facebook page flaunts north of 222,000 adherents, while their Instagram account has amassed over 1.8 million devotees. Through these stages, they draw in with their fans by sharing updates about forthcoming melodies, stock deliveries, and that’s just the beginning.

Nonetheless, Scott Arceneaux Jr’s. excursion to progress was nowhere near simple. He experienced various difficulties, incorporating battles with sadness, uneasiness, illicit drug use, and pointless ways of behaving. At a certain point, he even depended on offering medications to fund his music creation tries. In spite of these difficulties, Arceneaux involved his negative encounters as fuel to impel himself forward in the music business. Through his music, portrayed by forceful verses with fundamental messages, he has figured out how to articulate his thoughts legitimately while resounding with audience members who might be confronting comparable battles.

IIn a new report on Brooke Daniells, the sweetheart of Catherine Ringer, it was uncovered that Brooke hails from Tomball, Texas, and was recently hitched to Kenneth Daniells, with whom she shares two kids: Sage and Zoe. This brief look into the individual existence of Brooke Daniells offers an update that behind the public personas of people like Self destruction Christ and Scott Arceneaux Jr. are intricate and complex individuals with their own accounts of win and strength.

Facts about $uicideboy$ Net Worth

  1. Origin and Rise
    $uicideboy$ emerged on the music scene in 2014, quickly gaining traction with their unique blend of rap and hip-hop. Their beginnings were humble, starting on online platforms like SoundCloud, where they released underground EPs and mixtapes.
  2. YouTube Success
    The duo’s presence on YouTube has been instrumental in their success, accumulating a staggering 2.4 billion total views and 3.68 million subscribers. Their most popular videos, including “… And To Those I Love, Gratitude For Keeping close by” and “PARIS,” have garnered millions of views, showcasing their enduring popularity.
  3. Social Media Influence
    $uicideboy$ maintain a strong presence on social media, with their main Instagram account boasting 2.7 million followers. They use these platforms not only to engage with fans but also for brand partnerships and updates on new music and events.
  4. Music Streaming
    Their presence on Spotify is also noteworthy, with 10 million monthly listeners and nearly 1 billion total listens across their top three songs. This highlights the widespread appeal of their music beyond their dedicated fanbase.
  5. Collaborations and Projects
    The duo’s collaborations with renowned artists like Travis Barker and James Shaffer of Korn have further solidified their position in the music industry. Their 2019 EP “Live Fast, Die Whenever” featuring Barker and Shaffer was a significant success.
  6. Individual Net Worths
    Ruby Da Cherry, also known as Aristos Petrou, boasts a net worth of $1.5 million, while $crim, whose real name is Scott Arceneaux Jr., has a net worth of $1 million.

FAQs about Suicideboys Net Worth

  1. How did $uicideboy$ achieve their success?
    $uicideboy$ gained recognition through their unique music style and prolific output on platforms like SoundCloud and YouTube. They leveraged social media to engage with fans and collaborated with renowned artists, contributing to their rise in the industry.
  2. What are the individual net worths of Ruby Da Cherry and $crim?
    Ruby Da Cherry has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, while $crim has a net worth of $1 million.
  3. What are some notable achievements of $uicideboy$?
    $uicideboy$’s notable achievements include accumulating billions of views on YouTube, millions of monthly listeners on Spotify, and successful collaborations with artists like Travis Barker and James Shaffer.
  4. How do $uicideboy$ engage with their fans on social media?
    $uicideboy$ actively engage with their fans on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where they share updates on new music releases, merchandise, and upcoming events. They also collaborate with brands for promotional activities.
  5. What challenges did $uicideboy$ face on their journey to success?
    $uicideboy$ faced challenges such as struggles with mental health issues, substance abuse, and financial difficulties. However, they used these experiences as inspiration for their music, resonating with fans who may be going through similar struggles.


 $uicideboy$ have ascended from the underground rap scene to become prominent figures in the music industry. Their success stems from their distinctive sound, prolific output, and strategic use of online platforms and social media. With millions of followers across various channels and a significant presence on streaming platforms, they continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

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