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Marc Gabelli Net Worth

As of around May 9, 2024, it’s estimated that Marc Gabelli’s total assets hover around $2 million. He’s quite the player in the business world, wearing the hat of Head at LGL Group Inc. Holding onto about 368,377 shares of LGL Group Inc. (LGL) stock, his stake in the company amounts to over $2 million. But that’s not all; he’s also steering the ship over at GAMCO Investors Inc.

There, he’s got about 1,237 shares of GAMCO Investors Inc. (GAMI) stock, which translates to a tidy sum of over $29,070. All this juicy info can be found in Marc Gabelli’s Latest Holdings Summary, straight from the SEC filings. And just to be clear, these estimates are based on the assumption that Marc Gabelli hasn’t made any moves in the stock market since November 6, 2014, and still holds onto the stocks mentioned.

Mr. Marc Joseph Gabelli biography

Related Capital Inc.’s Executive Chief is Marc Joseph Gabelli.

Marc Gabelli Insider Ownership Reports

Marc Gabelli claims ownership of nine organisations in total, including LGL Gathering Inc (LGL), LGL Frameworks Obtaining Corp (DFNS.U), and Related Capital Gathering Inc (AC), according to possession records from SEC filings.

Marc Gabelli Latest Holdings Summary

As of right now, Marc Gabelli owns two stocks. Marc Gabelli owns 368,377 shares of LGL Gathering Inc (LGL) among these stocks as of September 17, 2010, valued at $2 million and weighted 98.52%.

As of November 6, 2014, Marc Gabelli also owned 1,237 shares of GAMCO Financial backers Inc (GAMI), valued at $29,070 and weighted at 1.48%. 

Marc Gabelli Form 4 Trading Tracker

Marc Gabelli has traded LGL Gathering Inc (LGL) for a total of 0 times in recent years, according to SEC Structure 4 disclosures.

On September 17, 2010, LGL Gathering Inc. obtained 23 offers; this trade cost Marc Gabelli around $460.

Marc Gabelli has made zero exchanges in GAMCO Financial backers Inc (GAMI) in the last few years, according to the SEC Structure 4 disclosures.

On November 6, 2014, GAMCO Financial backers Inc. made an exchange of 0 offers, bringing Marc Gabelli approximately $0.

Marc Gabelli Trading Performance

GuruFocus monitors the stock price following each of Marc Gabelli’s acquisition transactions throughout a range of time frames.

The typical return on equities that Marc Gabelli bought three months ago, to be itemised, is 0.61%. Additionally, GuruFocus examines Marc Gabelli’s trading performance to present a benchmark return over a comparable period of time.

The equities that Marc Gabelli bought in the course of ninety days beat out eight exchanges in total, in contrast to the arrival of the S&P 500 in a comparable amount of time.

To see how Marc Gabelli’s insider trading compares to the benchmark, you can select different time periods.

Please take note that if an insider doesn’t have purchasing exchanges, GuruFocus won’t monitor their exchange execution. 


  • Professional Roles: Marc Gabelli serves as the Executive Chief at Related Capital Inc.
  • Ownership Claims: SEC filings indicate that Marc Gabelli holds ownership in nine organizations, including LGL Group Inc (LGL), LGL Systems Acquisition Corp (DFNS.U), and Related Capital Group Inc (AC).
  • Latest Holdings: As of September 17, 2010, Marc Gabelli owns 368,377 shares of LGL Group Inc (LGL), valued at approximately $2 million, accounting for 98.52% of his stock holdings. Additionally, as of November 6, 2014, he holds 1,237 shares of GAMCO Investors Inc (GAMI), valued at $29,070, constituting 1.48% of his portfolio.
  • Trading Activity: Marc Gabelli has not executed any trades in LGL Group Inc (LGL) or GAMCO Investors Inc (GAMI) in recent years, according to SEC Form 4 disclosures.
  • Trading Performance: GuruFocus evaluates the stock price movements following Marc Gabelli’s acquisition transactions over various time frames. The average return on equities acquired by Marc Gabelli three months ago stands at 0.61%. Furthermore, his trading activity outperformed eight trades in total compared to the return of the S&P 500 index during a similar period.


1. How is Marc Gabelli’s net worth calculated? 

Marc Gabelli’s net worth is determined based on his ownership stakes in various organizations, notably LGL Group Inc and GAMCO Investors Inc, as documented in SEC filings. Additionally, the value of his holdings in these companies contributes to the estimation of his net worth.

2. What is Marc Gabelli’s primary role in Related Capital Inc.?

Marc Gabelli serves as the Executive Chief at Related Capital Inc., overseeing strategic initiatives and operations within the organization.

3. What is the significance of Marc Gabelli’s trading performance? 

Marc Gabelli’s trading performance, as assessed by GuruFocus, provides insights into the effectiveness of his investment decisions and the performance of his portfolio relative to market benchmarks such as the S&P 500 index.


Marc Gabelli’s net worth, estimated around May 9, 2024, is approximately $2 million. He holds prominent positions in the business sphere, notably as the Executive Chief at Related Capital Inc. Ownership records from SEC filings reveal his stakes in various organizations, with significant holdings in LGL Group Inc and GAMCO Investors Inc. Despite a lack of recent trading activity, his portfolio’s performance, particularly in relation to the S&P 500 index, underscores his adeptness in navigating the equities market.

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