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Bianca Censori, brought into the world on January 5, 1995, is a draftsman and model who acquired prompt popularity subsequent to wedding rap head honcho Kanye West in a mystery wedding in January 2022. At the hour of their marriage, she was the Head of Engineering at YEEZY, Kanye West’s organization.

Bianca’s excursion into the universe of design started with her schooling. She procured her graduate degree in engineering from the College of Melbourne in 2020. Indeed, even before her advanced education, Bianca showed pioneering soul by beginning a gems business called Nylons just subsequent to completing secondary school.

Beside her expert achievements, Bianca is oftentimes in the public eye because of her high-profile marriage. She and Kanye West are frequently captured by paparazzi at whatever point they disclose appearances.

For more itemized data about Bianca Censori, you can track down her account on different stages, including Wikipedia.

Bianca Censori Instagram

Bianca Censori’s Instagram profile, found under the handle @biancacesori, is very dynamic. She routinely shares pictures and recordings, offering looks into her life and work. Her posts are a blend of individual minutes and expert features, mirroring her complex vocation as both an engineer and a model. 

Through her Instagram, supporters get to see the innovative and individual sides of Bianca, making her web-based entertainment presence drawing in and appealing.

Who is Bianca Censori ?

Not much is been aware of Bianca Censori’s life before she became connected with Kanye West, however there are fascinating tales about her family’s experience. Purportedly, her dad, Elia “Leo” Censori, was a famous hoodlum who was imprisoned in 1982 for ownership of a gun and ammo.

Bianca’s family associations keep on standing out as truly newsworthy. Her uncle, Eris Censori, has been depicted by English media as a “famous gangland executioner” and, surprisingly, named “Melbourne’s Al Capone.” He was at first condemned to death in Western Australia for homicide, a sentence later drove to life detainment. Another uncle, Edmondo, is likewise said to have been associated with crimes. The family’s underlying foundations follow back to Italy before they got comfortable Australia.

On a calmer note, Bianca’s mom, Alexandra, stays all the more serene. Portrayals recommend that she looks similar to Bianca, adding an individual touch to the family’s charming story.

Regardless of these sensational family ties, Bianca Censori has cut out her own way as a draftsman and model. She and Kanye West frequently stand out as truly newsworthy for their strong and unusual design decisions, habitually catching public and media consideration.


Bianca Censori, brought into the world on January 5, 1995, in Melbourne, Australia, is a lofty primary maker. 

Her trip in plan began after she graduated with an advanced education in designing from the School of Melbourne in 2020. Known for her creative mind and advancement, Bianca promptly rose to observable quality in her field.

Bianca’s expert life took a huge turn when she joined YEEZY, Kanye West’s organization, as the Head of Design. Her job at YEEZY displayed her ability and carried her into the spotlight.

In January 2022, Bianca stood out as truly newsworthy overall when she furtively wedded Kanye West. From that point forward, two or three has frequently been in the information, especially for their particular and varied style decisions that catch the media’s consideration.

While Bianca’s expert accomplishments are outstanding, her own life, including her family’s experience, adds an interesting layer to her story. Bianca’s dad, Elia “Leo” Censori, and her uncles, Eris and Edmondo Censori, have been related with famous crimes in Australia. In spite of these associations, Bianca has kept a moderately low profile concerning her loved ones.

Bianca’s mom, Alexandra, is portrayed as having a nearby actual likeness to her, further adding to the individual element of her biography.

Bianca is dynamic via web-based entertainment, especially Instagram, where she shares looks at her life and work under the handle @biancacesori. Her posts frequently incorporate pictures and recordings, giving devotees a look into her reality.

Bianca Censori’s level, weight, total assets, and other individual subtleties stay less broadcasted, yet her effect as an engineering creator and her high-profile union with Kanye West keep on making her a figure of public interest.

Bianca Censori  Education

Bianca Censori was brought into the world on January 5, 1995, in Melbourne, Australia. 

She grew up with her sister, Angelina, and went to Carey Baptist Emphasis School from 2000 to 2012. Adhering to her discretionary guidance, Bianca sought after her energy for plan at the School of Melbourne. 

She obtained her long term certificate in plan in 2017 and continued with her assessments to earn an alumni college education in designing in 2020.

Bianca Censori  Age

29 Years

Bianca Censori  Height

Bianca Censori remains at 5 feet 4 inches tall. Regardless of different bits of hearsay and declarations coursing on the web that propose she is around five feet nine inches, her genuine level is 5 feet 4 inches.

Bianca Censori  Family

Bianca Censori comes from a family with a perplexing and charming history. Her dad, Elia “Leo” Censori, is the sibling of the famous Australian mobster Eris Censori. 

Eris acquired shame for his contribution in the killing of Michael Sideris in Perth, Australia, for which he was at first condemned to death in 1982. In any case, his discipline was subsequently driven to life detainment. Past this, there is restricted public data accessible about Bianca Censori’s loved ones.

Bianca Censori Career

While learning at the College of Melbourne, Bianca Censori sent off Nylons Adornments, an internet based business where she sold her own gems plans. The organization worked effectively until its conclusion in 2017. 

Close by her innovative endeavor, Censori filled in as a plan specialist at Kelektiv from mid 2016 to the late spring of 2017. Subsequently, she joined DP Toscano Engineers as a full-time understudy designer, where she stayed until 2020. 

During her residency, she added to inside plan projects for a huge apartment complex and made different specialized drawings for other building tries.

Bianca Censori Net worth 

Bianca Censori’s assessed total assets is around $1 million. Subsequent to moving to Los Angeles in 2020, she joined YEEZY as a compositional architect and quickly climbed the positions to turn into the Head of Designing.

Regardless of her partition from Kanye West in 2023, the couple at last sealed the deal. Bianca’s total assets mirrors her effective activities and promising future endeavors in the field of design.


In mid 2023, Bianca Censori and Kanye West traded casual commitments in a confidential function in Beverly Slopes. This followed West’s separation settlement with Kim Kardashian, finishing their seven-year marriage. Notwithstanding, their function needed lawful legitimacy since they didn’t get a marriage permit.

West blended debate by visiting Censori’s family in Australia in the midst of his visa status being referred to because of ongoing enemy of Semitic comments. Associations like the Counter Maligning Commission and the Chief Board of Australian Jewry went against his entrance.

Several has been seen on worldwide trips, from Tokyo, Japan to Florence, Italy, in any event, honeymooning at a sumptuous Utah resort. West recognized his accomplice in a melody named “Censori Over-burden” delivered in May 2023, indicating their quick responsibility with verses like “And the Holy book said/I can’t have any longer sex/Till marriage.”


  • Bianca Censori’s Instagram handle is @biancacesori.
  • She frequently shares personal and professional moments on her Instagram profile.
  • Bianca’s Instagram posts showcase her life as an architect and model, offering glimpses into her work and daily routines.
  • Her Instagram account provides followers with insights into her creative process and projects.


Bianca Censori’s Instagram profile, @biancacesori, offers a window into her life as both an architect and a model. Through her posts, she shares personal moments, professional highlights, and glimpses of her creative work. Her Instagram account serves as a platform for connecting with her followers and sharing her experiences in the world of design and modeling.


Q: What is Bianca Censori’s Instagram handle?

 A: Bianca Censori’s Instagram handle is @biancacesori.

Q: What does Bianca Censori share on her Instagram profile? 

A: Bianca Censori shares a mix of personal and professional moments on her Instagram profile, including insights into her work as an architect and model.

Q: What can followers expect to see on Bianca Censori’s Instagram account?

 A: Followers can expect to see photos and videos showcasing Bianca’s life, her projects, and her creative endeavors. Her Instagram account provides a behind-the-scenes look at her work and offers insights into her daily life and interests.


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